Sunday, February 17, 2013


A little late this week, but better late...

This week, Wild Irish Rose:

-- You finally walked in the snow!!! And loved it! A major breakthrough and I couldn't be prouder of you. It was just like it "clicked" and you saw that you were safe and watched how Emmaline loves it. Whew. 

-- We had a blizzard, your first. You enjoyed watching the snow and were un-phased and happily ate and played as if it were nothing.

-- Valentine's Day came and went without much fanfare from you but you did learn to shout "canny!" when you see a crinkly red package. Ehem.

-- Favorite song, A Tisket, A Tasket. Preferably sung by your older sister. 

-- You have zero interest in potty training (dreadful phrase) but love to listen to me read Once Upon a Potty over and over again. You especially like the picture of poop in the potty. 

-- You finally learned how to climb down the stairs. Yay!

-- You like to pretend you are a "pinchess." It is ridiculously cute. 

This week, Emma Bean, 

-- You enjoyed the blizzard. You said it made you feel cozy, like Little House in the Big Woods. You helped us shovel afterwards too. 

-- We went to the ocean when the weather warmed and you fished for "mackerel." You definitely have your Boppa's love for fishing inborn.

-- You loved every minute of Valentine's Day. Your favorite part was either getting a flower as a present or dancing with your cousin Penelope in Nonni's kitchen. You couldn't decide.

-- Your favorite story of the moment is the original Peter Pan. We're reading it aloud at night and we're both savoring all the big and interesting words. You stop my reading to make me define them. 

-- The story you told to me while I snapped those last two photos was about a prince lost in an ancient forest and how a wandering minstrel upon a white horse saved him. It was dramatic, sweet, elaborate, nuanced, and ultimately happy. Much like you, my sweet. 

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