Friday, February 1, 2013


This week, my "wild Irish rose": 

-- You spent the first full day perfectly happy without being strapped to me in the backpack. Bittersweet. 

-- You pretended to be a "supow-hewow." 

-- You were so very very happy that we had a strange thaw and all the snow (which you HATE) melted away. Once the wind calmed and the sun came out, you played hard in the mud. It should be a fun spring!

-- You really started to speak in full sentences: "Mama, Emmaline play dow (doll) a' me in a' playroom." You like to observe and report to me what exactly is happening in the house as we go about our day. 

-- You continue to show me your impressive memory: you will say, "Mama, dance a' Cracker" (ha) and then hum almost the entire Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy correctly. You know a lot of songs and titles of book by heart. I recognize myself in you more and more every day. 

This week, my Bluest of the Blueberries:

--  You went ice fishing for the first time with me, Aunt Lauren, and Uncle Jonathan. We did not catch any fish, but you were a great sport and enjoyed "skating" in your boots all over the ice. You helped collect firewood to build a fire on the ice and helped Jonathan pull up the lines when we were done, un-phased by the process of killing the bait fish. 

-- You enjoyed the late January thaw immensely, playing outside in the sun for a full five hours, building the first fairy house of the year. 

-- You loved going to the beach on a rainy, windy day. 

-- You slept in a couple of times. It was fun to watch you so still and peaceful. 

-- You begged, again, for a dog. And dislike, much as I did as a child, the phrase, "We'll see." 

-- You really got a kick out of playing with Tess. She got you to laugh hysterically while you played ball together. You are such a joyful and playful child. I love that you will play with anyone, of any age, and enjoy yourself. That's a talent I hope you never lose, my love. You are anyone's and everyone's peer. 

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