Sunday, March 3, 2013

7 & 8/ 52

Two busy weeks flew by. Daddy had a vacation week and then a birthday and "way led unto way," and Mama is tardily updating.

So many lovely moments, tiny victories, tantrums weathered, cat food eaten (Tess), restless nights survived, a full moon reveled in, anxieties calmed, revived and calmed again, snow shoveled and trudged in, the sad grey end of winter cheered by the spark of you, my children.

These past two weeks, my sweet baby,

-- You started to actually love playing in the snow, not just tolerate it. What a change from a few weeks ago!

-- Your language skills are just exploding. Nearly full sentences now! Smart baby.

-- You started teething again even though I thought you already had all your 2 year molars. Huh?? Let's see what happens, shall we?

-- You ate cat food. Enough about that.

-- You decided you can never be without your stuffed puppy.

-- You learned to count to 16. 

-- Your favorite tea is now rooibos with honey and a splash of milk. Yum.

-- You took your first serious nap NOT in the car or on my arm or my back. That makes me so very happy. We even documented it. 

-- Favorite story: What Will Little Bear Wear? You have it almost memorized. 

-- You had a naked toddler dance party with your cousin the night before she moved out of state. You know how to do send-offs.

These last two weeks have been full for you, my sweet girl, 

-- You went with mommy and Nonni (and no sister!) to Portland to see a production of Peter Pan. You were absolutely transfixed and became obsessed with Peter Pan again. We also went to Bam Bam bakery and you wanted one of everything.

-- You eagerly helped me with everything for Daddy's party. And then helped him open his gifts. 

-- You loved listening me read the book "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" and so we did a mini unit study on China.

-- You learned to count to 10 in Mandarin and write some simple characters. 

-- You invented a bunch of things, mostly games, and made a "microphone" out of a cup and tea strainer so you could go around the house announcing things. Like that Tess had eaten cat food. 

-- You got married to Tess, twice. 

-- You cried when you realized how far away your cousin moved.