Friday, January 18, 2013

the 52 project, week 2

Starting a week late, I know, but inspired nonetheless. The 52 Project = take a portrait of your child(ren) each week for a year to mark how they change. Beautiful idea. Here goes.

Emmaline/ Em/ Blueberry/ Blue/ Bluest

--- This week you learned to whistle. For real. No more "woohooing" instead. 

--- You begged to stay up to "read" later than usual and went through about 20 books.

--- You were obsessed with the idea of a locket so "Tess and Mama and Daddy could be close to my heart."

--- Favorite story this week: The Snow Queen.

--- You made a giant snowman with Daddy in the wet snow and tried not to cry when he fell over. 

--- You carried water to the chickens without being asked, and fed Mittens too. 

Tess/ Tessaroo/ Buttercup/ Noodle/ Noodlebug

--- This week you started saying "peek-a-doo" when playing hide and seek.

--- You started to call "nanoor" "pillownurse" instead. 

--- You truly started to "smi-ow" for the camera, as evidenced here. 

--- Favorite story this week: Big Red Barn.

--- You played pretend with your sister for the first time; your dolls were sledding down the mountains of your pillows. 

--- You still dislike the snow, but enjoyed our walks in the woods on my back. 

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