Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big Girl Hair

(sweet Blueberry after her new cut)

Not sure how this is for a beginning. Not particularly auspicious. But, I know you other mamas will relate. My dearest Blueberry cut her own hair this week. Yes. My sweet four year old with her long Little-House-my-mama's-a-hippie braids with the pretty baby curly ends took a pair of (safety!) scissors and chopped those curls right off. It could have been worse, I suppose, as in she could have cut the whole braid off... or a finger. Safety scissors, blast you! So much for trying to take a nap with the little four month old Buttercup and assuming that "quiet = good." (I should know better by now). So, like a good mama, I made an appointment with my favorite hairdresser and had it evened out. It's big girl hair. In fact, it looks a lot like mine. People say she's my clone now. Nice to know I had something to do with that beautiful brilliant girl. But it's bittersweet - children grow up and away from you. The assertion of independence is wonderful and heart-stomping. The will and curiosity to take a pair of scissors to your own hair, mother be damned, to see what happens, at once delights and horrifies me. My heart is a bit trampled this week, but I shall recover. After all, she gave me a delighted hug and exclaimed, "I love my new mommy hair!"

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